NAPAN©: The National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada

As the voice of perianesthesia nurses and the strength of NAPAN© grows, so does the recognition of our specialty within the health care community. NAPAN© was incorporated in Calgary in 2002 at the Alberta Conference of Perianesthesia Nurses, with 27 founding members. Also that year, NAPAN© became an associate member of the Canadian Nurses Association

As a member of the Canadian AnesthesiologistsSociety (CAS), Allied Health Committee, NAPAN© is an active participant in the national dialogue about changes to anesthesia care delivery. (CNA)


1. To establish and increase membership throughout the provinces and territories

2. To develop and update Standards for Peri-Anesthesia Practice (*Completed)

3. To develop certification for our specialty(commenced)

 4. To be eligible for participation in the Anesthesia Assistant program (ongoing)


5. To support the development and integration of the Nurse Practitioner Anesthesia role


  • To promote education and research.
  • To share knowledge and issues about matters relating to our specialty.
  •  To encourage awareness of perianesthesia nurses as part of the Health Care Community.
  •  To network with the Canadian Nurses Association(CNA); Associates, Affiliates and Emerging Groups of the CNA; Canadian Anesthesiologist' Society (CAS) and international groups.


Who Can Become a Member?

There are currently over 800 members in nine provincial jurisdictions. Perianesthesia nurses who are active members of a provincial organization are automatically entitled to membership and voting privileges.



NAPAN© Annual Conferences

NAPAN© sponsors a National Conference which is held in a different province each year. The next NAPAN© Annual National Conference is being held in November 2016 in Ontario. Check the NAPAN© website for more details at Registration is now being accepted and hotels are booking up fast so get your registration in!!


Napan is a Cree word meaning, “open your eyes”. The online quarterly newsletter is appropriately called the Eye Opener. The newsletter includes the President’s Address, Information, Announcements, new links for information and news from the provincial organizations across Canada. Please forward submissions for the newsletter to















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